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Don Smeltzer - Educator, Management Consultant and Author

Don Smeltzer is an experienced, knowledgeable, trusted and thoroughly professional management consultant. He understands the municipal public sector and is a strong, sensitive leader. Don’s contribution to improved policy, management, education and professional development is widely recognized. He brings a wealth of experience to the discussion table and is available for conference and banquet speaking.

Don specializes in providing interim management when municipalities experience unexpected change and/or dysfunctional governance situations. The approach is collaborative, collegial and relationship-building.


 NewA Matter of Choice – Ethical Municipal Governance

The past decade witnessed scandal after scandal – politicians and employees making regrettable choices.  Not surprisingly, there is a renewed emphasis on the need for meaningful discussion around ethical municipal governance. Don’s latest publication, A Matter of Choice, contributes to this important dialogue. Twenty-one brief, introspective case studies challenge readers to face their own ethical convictions and consider the response if placed in similar situations.

 A Matter of Choice is available by ebook download or in soft cover by mail.  Purchase a copy for all council members and senior staff. Start a discussion about ethical municipal governance today. Visit:

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