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New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Defends Police Stop and Frisk Policies – See New York Times


for more information on the Stop and Frisk policy, see the below 10:26 minute ABC video news report.

250M Mystery?

March 9, 2013 Global News reported: “A Halifax company is contracted to build ships for Canada’s Arctic patrol fleet. But as Ross Lord reports, cost-overruns for other government projects have official being caution about a final cost for this project.”

Today, May 3, 2013 CBC News reports: “A CBC News investigation has uncovered a $250-million mystery at the heart of Canada’s ambitious shipbuilding program.”

Justin Trudeau: Response to Negative Conservative Attack Ads

OTTAWA-Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Liberal Party leader has gone back to the clasroom to reply to Conservative attack ads, releasing ads of his own that show him sitting at a teacher’s desk, turning off the TV and asking for an end to negativity in politics.

Problem With Canadian Nationality Laws?

The Vancouver Sun reports on a Winkler, Manitoba man who has a family-owned moving company which requires him to travel frequently across the border to the US. “If he can’t receive his citizenship card and renew his passport by fall, his business will be in serious jeopardy.” His story…


According to this CBC story, many people are caught up in a backlog of Canadian citizenship applications.