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Tax Evasion


Tax evasion according to Barrett’s Tax Law “…is the act by any person, business or entity to illegally evade paying taxes. Tactics used in tax evasion include the misrepresentation of income and profit by reporting less than actually earned and taking additional deductions that are not allowed by law.” This is a matter of concern internationally and at home. Canada is taking strong action against cheaters. It is reported the Harper Government’s efforts to enhance the integrity of the tax system include a $30-million investment over five years for the Canada Revenue Agency to target international tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance. GOOD news for most Canadians. BAD news for the cheaters. Outlining this initiative in a May 8, 2013 news release, Gail Shea, Minister of National Revenue stressed “…those who don’t pay their taxes by hiding money overseas place an unfair burden on law-abiding, hardworking Canadians. Our Government has long recognized that international tax evasion is a serious issue, and we are dedicated to cracking down on those who attempt to cheat the system.” It seems the “cracking down” is working. On May 23rd the Globe and Mail reported two former Canada Revenue Agency auditors face charges on allegations that they received hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes in a Montreal-based tax-evasion scheme that deprived the government of $4.5-million in tax revenue. Perhaps they too will argue the rules were unclear.