Dicey Move


“We are working to bring people together and find common ground – because that’s what we do in Ontario. When we find fair, creative solutions to the challenges we face, we all succeed together.”(Premier Kathleen Wynne) What happened to such an admirable vision? The Toronto Sun chronicles the firing on Thursday evening of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Chairman Paul Godfrey. It reports news that he was about to be dumped was leaked to the media earlier in the week. “That’s really classy. Nothing like a public hanging to keep the rest of the troops in line,” says the Toronto Sun article. “The way it was done is disgraceful.” Following Godfrey’s firing the Globe and Mail reports the entire board of directors resigned and …leaves a multibillion-dollar Crown agency in disarray. Godfrey, a respected leader in the business community who donated his Lottery and Gaming Agency $146,200 salary to charity says if only the Premier had talked to him “…he would have participated in a seamless transition.” There is a golden rule that still has value. Do unto others…

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