Senate Scandal


Claire Hoy, in his 1999 book – Nice Work: The Continuing Scandal of Canada’s Senate observed: “…in about four years we will have about twenty-five active members. They are the good ones. The others collect their generous pay, perks, and allowances while they either slack off, actively pursue partisan political advantage for their respective parties, or build wealth for themselves and the corporations on whose boards of directors so many of them sit. Little seems to have changed. Senate scandals continue, most recently involving member expenses. In the midst of mounting allegations, Senator Mike Duffy repaid more than $90,000 he had received in housing allowances. While the Conservative government earlier praised Duffy for showing “leadership”, latest news from CBC is that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s chief of staff Nigel Wright wrote a personal cheque worth more than $90,000 to pay back Senator Mike Duffy’s living expenses. Is this just the tip of an iceberg?

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